Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today is, yes you guessed it, Earth Day! Go do something green even if you can't plant a tree. I know the day has been all about seeing how many millions of trees people can plant on the same day, but that isn't all its about. I think that it is cool and important, but there are so many other things. Just do something that you can do to make things better. Do that green thing that you have been putting off because it takes too much time or isn't fun. Or just read something, learn about the things you can do. There are so many people and companies claiming to be green that it is hard to tell what's true (and if you find out let me know!). Learn what it means to be green. Just remember what we do today will effect our kids and grand kids tomorrow! Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cleaning Cars

Sunday was "clean your car day" at my house (at least for Kyle and I), and for any of you that have ever looked in Kyle's car, you know that it does need an entire day. So Kyle and I got all of the junk out of our cars and then took them to get vacuumed and car washes. It was defiantly an accomplishment. For a short while there were multiple garbage bags on my driveway (all of which were from Kyle's car). My mom, half joking, asked if we needed to schedule a special garbage pick up for his bags. It is clean now, but we will wait and see how long it can stay this way.

The funny part of the story comes in when my dad was talking to our neighbor. His name is Darin and he is the associate pastor for First Christian Church. They were both out mowing the lawn for the first time of the season and started talking. Darin asked my dad if Kyle and I had broken up. My dad said no and asked why he might have thought that. Darin said he saw Kyle messing around in his car with lots of garbage bags, so he thought that Kyle was taking all of his stuff home! I thought that was too funny! I knew those of you who read this would understand because you all know how messy Kyle is!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just a thought

Isn’t it ironic how when the whole world is spinning and you are so overwhelmed that you want nothing more than to be alone in thought, that people come in herds.

There are other times when you have so much to say that you feel like if you don’t talk to someone and work through it that your insides will explode, but there are no words to say how you feel and no one around that wants to hears them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here are a couple of interesting websites that I have come across over the last few days. Let me know what you think. . . .

http://www.FreeRice.com This site is really cool. This asks you vocabulary questions. For each one you get right the site donates 20 grains of rice to a foreign country that is in need. Kyle checked it out and it is legitimate!

http://www.MonkeySee.com I haven't looked around on this one too much yet. It is full of videos of people doing things. They are all instructional videos, but there are some "unique" things that people are teaching. Other videos may come in handy for something else...who knows...

Last but not least. . . http://www.CoolSiteOfTheDay.comThis site is crazy. It is pretty much what the URL says. It gives a new site everyday. It also has the quote of the day, word of the day, birthday, and even a hangman of the day! I haven't looked at it too much either so I cannot say that it is all..PG...you know with Internet stuff you can never tell. I haven't signed up yet. I am waiting for Kyle to check it out for me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coffee Day

So if any of you follow business news, or maybe just coffee news, then you know about the problems Starbucks is having. I'm not going to get into details about it. If you want to know I'm sure you could find an article somewhere. Anyways, someone from Starbucks in Springfield came to my business class today. We talked about their issues from a business standpoint, but we also had a coffee tasting. We tasted something new called like Pike Place Roast or something. I'm sure you all know how to do a coffee tasting, but i never had. It was kinda fun. I didn't really like the coffee, but it was fun. Who knows maybe someday I'll like it....there is always hope