Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gas Tank Tips

I know everyone is worried about inflation and gas prices, so I did some light research.  I found tons of tips on saving gas so I figured I would share some. . .

  1. Drive on highways as much as possible to avoid stop-and-go traffic
  2. Take off slowly - fast acceleration sucks up gas
  3. Turn off the air condition - using windows (when driving under 40 mph) can use 10-20%
  4. Make sure your tires are filled to the right pressure
  5. Get oil changes on time
  6. Car-pool when you can
  7. Don't turn on your car to warm up when you don't have to
  8. Follow the speed limit - going 65 instead of 75 can save 10%
  9. Empty your trunk - storing lawn chairs and whatever else can create more weight
  10. Don't idle for more then 1 min., just turn it off - that's why hybrid cars get the same gas mileage in town and highway because they don't use gas to idle (or so this web site says)
  11. Fill you gas up when its cooler out and put the cap on tight - less gas will evaporate
  12. Don't waste gas looking for a parking spot just walk!- when my grandpa parks out really far he tells my grandma that he is saving her life ;-)
  13. and last...but not least... it shows local gas prices so you can get a deal when you do have to fill up.  
I hope someone saves a little gas.  Feel free to leave any other tips you might have.