Thursday, January 31, 2008


Have you ever had so many thoughts going through your head that you can't pin one down long enough to think it through. I'm sure none of that nonsence would be of any interest to you guys, but still. There are so many ideas just running around in my head with no where to go. It seams kinda like a waste, but no one wants to read about my newest cooking feats, the fun socks I bought the other day, how much I hate group projects at school, or why I love finding a new pair of shoes (on sale) that fit just right. Anyways I thought I might put my mind at ease a little if I wrote about it in general. I don't lose the interest of the few readers I have. I've got lots of post ideas. I'm just not sure if any are worthy. I don't know much about much really. I could talk about businees junk. I could tell you whats going on with Star Bucks in their troubled times or the puropose of the drop in interest rate, but that information isn't in high demand around here. O well. C'est la Vie !

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8 Babies

At this point in time I know 8 couples that are having babies. 5 of them are friends of my brother. These are guys that I grew up with. Some of them were almost like extra big brothers that watched over me at school (which had its many perks). Now these "dumb boys" are having kids of their own.

I also have 3 of my own friends that are having babies. Its crazy to me. Of these 8, 2 are recent arrivals and 6 are coming to a neighborhood near you.

I do not feel old enough to have friends that are having kids. But thinking realisticly, I'm not that far away from being there myself. Now don't get me wrong, nothings happening anytime too soon. The entire thing makes me feel grown up, but I see myself as a kid. I know that having all of these friends with kids will only help me prepare for my future. So bring on the babies!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is in a name ? ?

You may have noticed that the name of my blog could be taken in several different ways. Someone pointed out to me that the most obvious interpretation was not the one I indented. For privacy's sake, we will refer to this person as, "Nyle."

"Nyle" told me the first meaning that comes to mind when reading, "Apprehending." I am sorry to say that I did not mean for it to insinuate that the blog was about catching bad guys. gives a second definition. The definition I am referring to reads, "To grasp mentally; to understand." So basically, the page is about me (Ashley) thinking about stuff (Apprehending.)

I am sorry for any confusion or disappointment. There will not be any action-packed YouTube videos where I fight crime, but stay tuned. You never know what craziness might show up when I get bored enough. Ashley

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Number 1

Welcome to my first blog! !

I'm new to the whole "blog" thing, so bear with me. I finally have something half-way interesting to write about, so I figured there is no time like the present. I believe that the people who read this (as few as there may be) are involved enough to know the importance of the following date: Feb 5, 2008.

For anyone who does not know, it is the date of the Illinois primary election. The people who know me, also know that my views are strong. I do not feel that I should get into that right now, but if you are curious just ask. I am not trying to get you do think any specific way. The point of this blog is to encourage you to vote. I firmly believe that every vote counts. I also feel that if you choose not to vote, that in the future you do not have the right to complain about the decisions that president makes (or doesn't make).

On March 22, 2007 poll shows what people think they are:

33% Democrats

28% Independents

25% Republicans

Where do you fit in? Your political ideology plays a major role in you choice. This short quiz uses basic political beliefs to match you with your ideology (liberal, conservative, communitarian, libertarian). In my case, I was very surprised by the answer. I thought of myself as something other than what they quiz said. That doesn't mean I switched. It just means I feel more strongly about some issues. You don't have to put your e-mail address in, just click next. Take it! It is interesting.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog. Sorry if politics aren't your thing. I promise to write about something different next time. Just remember Feb 5 is only a few weeks away! Don't forget! Ashley