Monday, January 19, 2009

Asbury's Children's Super Hour

As some of you may know, for one of my current classes we are taking donations for an organization out of Asbury Methodist Church in Springfield. If you haven't guessed it, its called Asbury's Children's Super Hour. It is really a great place. These are church volunteers that provide food for underprivileged children every week day. Kids come, play games, and eat what might be the only meal that have that day. They may only be here for about an hour, but they it gives them something stable they can count on.

The church is filled with smiling faces and helpful hands. Everyday about 30 kids from the area come to eat. These kids are from the age of 3 to 13. They have board games and coloring books as well as a few computers to keep the kids entertained. They also offer homework help for the kids that need it.

They have one small room that they use as a closet that contains supplies. These supplies consist of food, school supplies, coats and hats, and even hygiene products. These supplies are precious to the church and these kids. While talking to the women who runs the organization, she said something that really struck me. She was telling me that the kids could bring in good grades on tests and things from school and they would let them pick a small rewards. Then, she told me that most of the time when the kid picked a his/her reward, they choose toothpaste.

It is strange to think of things like toothpaste as a reward, but to some of these kids, it is. Helping out at this place is one of the hardest yet most satisfying things I have done in a while. It feels good to help; especially when you see the gratitude in the smile of the kid your sitting across from.

So as many of you know, part of my class is taking donations for the organization. They need all sorts of things. I am NOT asking for money! But things like toothpaste, notebooks, shampoo, canned goods, games (used/new), and anything else you may have that your willing to part with that these kids might use. Anything, no matter how little, it is appreciated. I just wanted to fill you guys in a little bit on the organization so you'd understand where the items you may donate are going. I have a few more weeks and a good stock pile started, but anything you are willing to give would be great. If you have any questions let me know.

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